Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Teton Valley

With the warm summer season comes an increase in bugs and insects. Keeping pests away from your home or business around Teton Valley can be a struggle, but Double Diamond Pest Management provides complete pest control that is both safe and effective. We are an environmentally minded company that aims to have a minimal impact on non-target species and wildlife. We do this in a variety of ways. First, we implement an Integrated Pest Management approach with all of our services. Second, if necessary, we can provide eco-friendly, organic pest control solutions. Discover more of how we can manage and remove pests from your property in an environmentally conscious way that preserves the beautiful nature of our valley.

Minimal Impact on Non-Target Pests

We strive to only remove specific, harmful pests from your property without harming other beneficial insects such as honey bees or ladybugs. This is done through our Integrated Pest Management approach, which focuses on pest prevention techniques and alternative management methods before and in conjunction with any product use. Following the IPM approach is an eco-friendly, common sense way of doing pest control. Our technicians implement strategies that use these natural control strategies that discourage pests from thriving and stop them in their tracks before the use of pesticides. In the case that pesticides are necessary for management of a specific pest, out technicians strictly follow labels to avoid environmental harm, and carefully only treat necessary locations, avoid flowering plants where beneficial insects might frequent, and take care to always be cautious of drift or runoff situations. This preserves the natural environment for future and current generations.

Image of a lady bug for environmentally conscious pest control

Organic Pest Solutions in Teton Valley

We can also provide pest solutions that use natural and organic products and methods to discourage and prevent unwanted pests from entering and living around your home. Our organic pest solutions utilize natural insecticide products to achieve even greater eco-friendly pest control in Teton Valley and the surrounding area. While these may not be as long-lasting or effective as traditional methods, they can still be highly effective in the long run and have even less impact on the environment and non-target species when applied properly. Our technicians can consult with you to determine the most environmentally friendly approach to achieve your ideal pest management level.

Eco-friendly pest control can be achieved with Double Diamond Pest Management and can benefit and preserve the natural wildlife and beauty in the Teton Valley area. Our high-quality, long-term results address the root problems without damaging the surrounding landscape or harming or endangering your family, children, and pets. If you’re looking to get rid of pests around your residential or commercial property, call us at (208) 656-4005 to learn more about our methods. We’re a locally owned and operated pest control company that cares about our community, and we’re ready to help provide our customers peace of mind when it comes to removing unwanted pests in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We are Teton Valley's Own!