A Quick Guide to Boxelder Bugs

With spring nearby, so too are the many insects that have spent the winter hibernating. The high mountain valleys of Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming are no stranger to a variety of bugs that come out when the buds start blooming, and among these is the boxelder bug. You may know them as those flat, oval-shaped insects that are black with red or orange markings on their backs. They’re typically not larger than a few millimeters big, but they come in packs and stick around through the spring and fall. 

If you’re familiar with the bug but don’t know much more than what they look like, here’s a quick guide to help you learn more about them and identify them for your pest control service. 

What’s the Stink? 

These pesky little pests are actually part of the same family as stink bugs—so watch where you step! If you end up smashing a boxelder bug, they can release an unpleasant odor. However, they are primarily a nuisance pest because they enter structures to overwinter, which can cause added alarm in the spring when they emerge.

Where to Look 

In the spring and fall, you’ll often find these insects sunbathing on the sides of buildings, sidewalks, and rocks—or on their namesake, the boxelder tree. In the fall once they congregate in mass, however, they’ll migrate to a warm place like your home and hang out there through the winter until spring rolls around. They are expert and finding ways into your home through very small cracks and crevices that are not sealed. Keep an eye out in nooks and crannies within your home if you start finding them inside. Use a vacuum to remove them once inside.

Are they Harmful? 

Thankfully they don’t bite often, but they are known to feed on various types of trees, including, maple, apple, or plum. This seldom damages the trees but can become a nuisance.

If you’re noticing an influx of boxelder bugs on your property, contact your Southeastern Idaho and Western Wyoming pest professionals at Double Diamond Pest Management today. We’ll create a plan of action to help tackle your infestation. No matter if it’s boxelder bugs, wasps, mice, or any other type of pest, let us take care of it and so that you can have peace of mind!